Amanda Huynh
Amanda Huynh holds a piece of paper that says she is a real life Industrial Designer. She is originally from Lethbridge, Alberta and now spends her days in Vancouver, eating, making, sleeping, dancing and maximizing her dish rack’s real estate. Share your best puns with her.

Anna Gukov
Anna Gukov was born in another part of the world and currently works on another planet. She likes listening to stories and sometimes telling them as well.

Emilie Madill
Emilie spent a large part of her childhood as a cat. She is currently interested in creating engaging experiences through design, storytelling and illustration.

Jeff Werner
Jeff Werner is applying his education and experience in art galleries and museums, professional writing, working with sustainable systems in South East Asia, and bicycle racing in Canada to a new life and career of design in Vancouver.

Joji Fukushima
Born in Japan and having moved to Canada when he was fifteen, Fukushima currently resides in Vancouver British Columbia (2010). Interested in designing meaningful experiences, his practice evolves around creating phenomena that are experimental, discursive, and functional.

Joshua Doherty
Joshua Doherty was born on a large island not too far from here and where he hopes to return some day. In the meantime he is busy making interesting things with interesting people in Vancouver BC. Joshua likes things that are worth fixing and things that get better the older they are.

Michelle Fu
Michelle currently practices design, sculpture and illustration. She splits her free time between eating new things and looking at sloths.

Misha Olynyk
Misha Olynyk enjoys eating cookies, signing his name on every possible surface and sticking pins into apples. In his spare time, he corrodes objects by blasting sand at them.

*Photography by Miles de Courcy

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